Our purpose at Active Rest is to help you regain and maintain health. The treatment you will receive from Dr. Koeppen is different than a traditional chiropractic adjustment. He does not twist, crack, or pop the head and neck. He uses a gentle, manual corrective technique to realign vertebrae of the neck and spine. Combined with this, he uses Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.®) to “untie knots” of scar tissue that hold the body out of place and create painful dysfunctional performance.


What to Expect

After your first adjustment, Dr. Koeppen will give you some home care instructions for the 24 hours following your adjustment and then again after your second adjustment. Something you may notice after an adjustment is some minor soreness, similar to that of a light workout. This is normal and to be expected.

Some patients say that they feel relaxed and lucid after an adjustment! This is also normal. Your adjustment has corrected an imbalance. What you are noticing, is that correction. This feeling subsides quickly as you adjust to your new normal.