Dr. Collan has a great passion for the type of chiropractic technique he performs (ask him for more details.) Also, he just doesn’t go through motions of a typical chiropractor adjustment, he truly evaluates your body and it’s progress to determine what he needs to do to continue your improvement. I feel like he is an “artist” of correcting posture and is very knowledgeable on how the body works together.
— Steve B.

I’m so grateful and finally feel hopeful after feeling so restricted in life. I was very depressed and physically unable to work pain free. I owe a lot to Dr.Collan and also appreciate Romy, the office manager, for her efficiency and her kind and warm greetings.
— Meghan K.

I came here with repetitive strain injury after 22 years as a hairdresser, as well as a neck injury from several car accidents. The pain in my right shoulder was so severe that my arm was basically useless. I anticipated the only relief would come from surgery. After several appointments with Dr. Koeppen for chiropractic care/ART and a couple of appointments with Evan for massage/ART, I now have mobility and strength back in my shoulder and hand.
— Danita D.

My arm was in increasing pain over a 3 month period from playing racquetball. I thought I would not be able to play this sport again. I saw Dr. Koeppen and while he was working on the arm he explained how what he was doing would relieve the pain. To my complete amazement, after 2 days, the pain went away about 90% and I do not feel it even after playing racquetball now.
— Russell S.