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Dr. Collan Koeppen D.C.


How Dr. Koeppen Can Help 


“Crackless” Chiropractic

No cracking, popping or twisting is used in our office, instead the spine and body are realigned with a gentle manual correction. This non-traditional approach to chiropractic allows for misaligned areas to be pushed or pulled back into proper position. Sometimes there is a sound…


Healing Injuries

Injuries come in all sizes, from a minor car accident to a head-on collision. Your injury could be from something far more subtle, like a repetitive motion or improper posture from computers and smartphones. In either case, damage to your body may be, at first, undetectable.


Sports and Concussions

Sports injuries and concussions are common among active children and adults. If these injuries are not treated they can progress and get worse, never truly healing. See for yourself if chiropractic can help you heal yourself and prevent further injury.



Our purpose at Active Rest is to help you regain and maintain health. The treatment you will receive from Dr. Koeppen is different than a traditional chiropractic adjustment. He does not twist, crack, or pop the head and neck. He uses a gentle, manual corrective technique to realign vertebrae of the neck and spine. Combined with this, he uses Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.®) to “untie knots” of scar tissue that hold the body out of place and create painful dysfunctional performance.


What to Expect

After your first adjustment, Dr. Koeppen will give you some home care instructions for the 24 hours following your adjustment and then again after your second adjustment. Something you may notice after an adjustment is some minor soreness, similar to that of a light workout. This is normal and to be expected.

Some patients say that they feel relaxed and lucid after an adjustment! This is also normal. Your adjustment has corrected an imbalance. What you are noticing, is that correction. This feeling subsides quickly as you adjust to your new normal.


“Active Release”

Active Release Techniques® (ART) is used in Professional sports and the Olympic Games, but you don’t need to be a super athlete for this “art” to increase your function. If you have not experienced this treatment, it may be described as a combination of stretching and pressure point therapy. This works by breaking up scar tissue and knots in the muscles, increasing the body’s ability to achieve and hold proper alignment. In other words, you may move better with less pain. We offer sessions with a Full Body and Complex Protocol certified practitioner. ART can help if you are recovering from a sports injury, looking for faster results in your overall care, or you just want to get the most out of your massages. Using ART in combination with our other services can lead to quicker results and a better performing you.

There was no scary popping or cracking at all! ART is gentle and gives special attention to the mechanics and architecture of your entire body.
— Larry F.

What The Fuzz?!

Scar tissue or “fuzz” can grow in the spaces between your muscles at night while you are sleeping! In the morning when you wake up and get moving again, the fuzz melts… Ever have that stiff feeling in the morning? Yep. That’s fuzz. Because of this, surfaces that should be sliding aren’t sliding anymore. You have to stretch and move and use your body in order to melt that fuzz.

Buildup of fuzz reduces our range of motion. One of the many benefits of massage, structural therapy, physical therapy and ART is that these types of therapies introduce movement to tissues that have become fuzzed over through lack of movement caused by an injury or simply life-style. The less you move, the more fuzz you acquire.